June 9, 2014 Chris Caballero

Lot’s of work making things happen…

We’ve been busy brainstorming ideas and ways to make this company one of the best start-ups ever!

Passion leads to innovation, innovation leads to performance, performance leads to success!
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We know that coming-up with a great product or service takes time and dedication. We’ve literally put-in hundreds of hours to make this happen!

A Wealth Management Platform

Our parent company Fifth Capital Management is a boutique wealth management firm based in Dallas Texas.

Our Mission

Fifth Capital Management practices a disciplined value investment style in the tradition of Graham and Dodd. Our investment approach has been influenced most by Ben Graham, Warren Buffett and Seth Klarman. At Fifth Capital Management, we have two primary investment goals:

  • Protect your capital by minimizing the risk of permanent loss of principal.
  • Compound our capital at rates of return that are far superior to the average result measured on both absolute levels and relative to the market averages when measured over long periods of time.

We believe that a sound investment operation is one that achieves both of these goals in that order. We also live by the following two rules of investing:

  • Rule #1: Don’t Lose Money
  • Rule #2: Don’t Forget Rule #1

Rules to invest by, indeed! It is absolutely crucial that we focus on protecting our capital first and foremost. To achieve these goals, we need to have a concept that is logical and proven to be successful, and then we need to create a strategy to capitalize on this concept, and a process to execute our strategy. This is what we intend to work on consistently at Fifth Capital Management.

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Chris Caballero

The Founder was born and raised in Southern California. Loves technology, real estate and finance.

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